Before leaving Utah we went to Lagoon for a second time.  We also went last year right after we moved there.  This time Major was big enough to ride the rides with Shepherd and they had a blast.  They actually didn't ride that many different rides, they just rode the same ones over and over again.  They loved them so much that they would insist on getting back in line as soon as they got off.  I am so so thankful that they have each other to do everything with.  A built in best friend, nothing better!

Perfect example:
Shep wanted so badly to get up on this stage and run around but he was nervous to do it on his own. I told him he could go up and he had to work up the courage to walk away from me to climb the stairs on his own. Major was with Joey getting us refills. Once they got back, Major jumped up there with him and the two of them had a blast running with the other kids. Having Major to do stuff with him brings Shep out of his shell a little bit. They are so good for each other!

Train ride!

Dad is so embarrassing. 

My matching boys! My cousin made their shirts and they each had their initials monogrammed onto them. 

Lagoon has a whole "Pioneer Village" set up and the train store is always the favorite. 

I prefer to hop my kids up on no sleep and caffeine. It's a great combination ;)

When we went to Lagoon last year, Shep wanted to buy this toy train in one of the stores and we wouldn't get it. Well fast forward to a YEAR later and he still remembered it. As soon as we started walking past the store he asked if he could get the train and went straight to it in the store. I caved and said yes. Darn expensive theme park toys!

They loved the whale ride. 

Joey took this of Breaker while they were riding. He was perfect all day, happy as can be. 

Another favorite, the car ride. 

Two tired boys getting carried out of the park!

Just for fun...last year's train ride and this year. 


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