Pumpkin Patch 2016

This past Sunday we met our friends at a pumpkin patch. We love this family!!

Forever kind of friends!

Shep found a train and I think he happily would have played conductor all day. Any kid who tried to get in the drivers seat with him he told to move to the back.

Breaker and Madelyn! 2 weeks apart. 

Always on the run. 

Hay fight. 

We tried so hard to get a picture of them both smiling. Madelyn let out a shriek and scared Breaker, haha!

I mean...cutest baby ever. 

I told them to pose with their apples...boys!

Major tried to collect all of the apples. 


Waiting for the train to pass. 

I was so proud/surprised that Shep wanted to jump on this big bouncy thing by himself. There were tons of big kids and his brother wasn't with him, but he went on up there and happily bounced around. 

Ended the day with the giant slide! Not pictured: Major sliding down and promptly running right back up the slide while I tried to convince him to slide back down while tons of people watched. 

Past pumpkin patch days:

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