8 Months with Breaker

Breaker hit lots of milestones this month. He started army crawling and he said his first word. Mama! I'm 3 for 3 with "mama" being their first word. Breaker also very soon after saying Mama, also started saying "Dada." He also babbles "Babababa" which in thinking could be "brother." That's what Shep thinks he's saying ;)

Sleep is still awful. He wakes up sooo much. Sometimes it's hourly. They have all been like this at this age. So either it's just the way it is, or I do something horribly wrong with each kid at this age. 

Breaker wears 12 month clothes, sometimes 18 months to cover that booty!  I put that he wears size 4 and 5 on his picture, but really once I run out of 4 diapers I'll just have him in size 5s. 8 months old and he and Major are in the same size diaper. Makes it easier, I guess!

Some of my favorite pictures of Breaker from his 8th month:


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