Driving through the desert

A long time ago I took a screenshot of a picture I saw on Instagram. I added a drive like this to my bucket list and on our drive home from the Grand Canyon I got to check it off!  (Can you tell I take Bucket Lists very seriously? If you tell me something is on your bucket list, I will be all about helping you make it happen.)

I loved this day so much.
Isn't that view incredible?! We are not used to anything like that in Kentucky.  No one else on the road and nothing but God's earth as far as the eye can see.

We stopped at a Native American shop. All of their things were beautiful. 

How cute was this elementary school we drove past:

My instagram screenshot that inspired this post on top, my picture on the bottom. 

Bucket List: Check!

(If you're wondering, the inspiration Instagram was from @joybeezy)

One more thing. I had it on my bucket list that I wanted to see the wild mustangs of Utah. Well. If I really wanted to do that I would have had to hiked to the middle of nowhere and camped and that just isn't up my alley. We saw these horses on our drive, so I decided this would do ;)

This was such a good day :)

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