Thanksgiving 2016

This year, we hosted Thanksgiving at our house.  It was the first time a lot of our family had seen the new house.  It may not have any furniture and there may be tape on the floor from painting and there was no cute tablescape like I would have liked...but it worked! It was really good to have everyone together, especially being the first big holiday without Rhonda.  I know she was on all of our minds all throughout the day.

It was also this turkey's first Thanksgiving!

What an angel. 

Some pictures from our day:

Kids table! Major and Reece. (Shep would only eat cashews all day. *Eye Roll*)

Grown up table:

Some hot tub time after lunch. 

Group picture. So thankful for this family I married into. 

If you zoom in it *looks* like I'm giving the middle finger :( 

As good as it gets trying to get four cousins to smile with Papaw. 

Bright eyes!!

I decided to start a new tradition this year. I put together a scrapbook and each year I'm going to get a group picture and then have everyone write what they are thankful for. Won't that be a nice heirloom and tradition! I love stuff like this. I went ahead and put the whole thing together so each year all I have to do is remove a page for people to write on and print out a picture. 

One more because he's so cute:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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