The difference between moms and dads

This is literally our kitchen right now. The dishwasher didn't work when we moved in and we bought a new one. Instead of having Lowes deliver and install it, Joey said he could do it and proceeded to have me help him carry it in at 10:30 one night, in 27 degree temps, while I was wearing my robe. Then he stayed up until midnight installing it and when we turned it on, water started leaking out of the sink. So, now my kitchen looks like this with a sink full of dirty dishes I can't get to and more piling up. 

Last night I was rocking Breaker to sleep and it was taking forever. After nearly 30 minutes, he was *almost* asleep. So close. 
I get a text from Joey. 

"Come here."

I immediately picture broken bones and blood. Which boy is hurt? Which of us will have to go to the ER and which of us will stay home? I jump up and put Breaker in his crib, waking him up and he starts screaming. I rush to the living room where Joey is standing looking at his phone and Shepherd and Major are watching a show. 

"What's wrong!?"
"I got the dishwasher to work."


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