The Grand Canyon

While living in Utah, we went to The Grand Canyon.
It was amazing!  Its been on my bucket list forever, so I was thrilled.  I already want to go back. (Maybe without kids...worrying about a two year old throwing himself off a cliff is a tiny bit stressful.)
The timing worked out perfectly for my friend Tara to go with us.  I seriously don't know if we would have made it without her, because we were genuinely terrified of one of our kids falling in!

After Joey got off work on Friday we headed down to Arizona.
Side note: I obviously know a lot about our country (sarcasm) because I had no idea that there really is not a whole lot going on on this side of the country!  Utah has Salt Lake which is more Northern Utah and then there is St. George in Southern Utah and theres literally nothing inbetween.  I mean, I knew it was desert but I guess I never realized!  I always thought it was weird how on the news here they always give the weather for the "Wasatch Front" and then the weather for St. George.  I always thought "why do we care about the weather all the way down there?" But its because thats about all there is in the whole state.

We were staying at The Grand Canyon Hotel, and we got there late into the night and went right to sleep.  The next morning we got up early because we were riding the Grand Canyon Railway train to the Canyon! I was so excited for the boys to get to do this.  Is there a cooler train in the world than the Grand Canyon train?  If there is, I need to know.

Side note: If we ever go back, I want to stay IN the park. But for this, staying at the hotel and getting to ride the train was perfect.

Early morning, ready to board the train!

My two little conductors:

Getting their tickets stamped!

There was a photographer on board who went around taking group pictures. (Joey cheated the system by taking a picture of our picture, then not actually buying it ;)

Shep was SO EXCITED.

We made it!

Nursing at the Grand Canyon!

Bucket List!

My best friend since we were 10 :)

Major picked me a flower :)

I loved this was the gift shop. 

Back on the train to go to the hotel. 

It was so cute...on the way back they had this little skit for the kids. The conductor makes an announcement that there are bandits stopping the train, then the bandits get on, followed by the Sheriff who asks which way they went. 

Major loved it. 

Breaker taking a nap with Tara. 

Back at the hotel. These boys were worn out! 

Such a great day! Bucket List days are my favorite. 

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