The Polar Express!

On Friday night we went on the Old Kentucky Dinner Train to ride the Polar Express! "The Polar" as Shep calls it, is his FAVORITE train.  We talk about it all year long, not just at Christmas.  I was so excited for him to ride it.

So excited to have his ticket!

Major loved it, too!

If I'm being honest, the entire experience would have been a little easier for everyone if we'd left Breaker with a babysitter, but look at his angel face.  We just can't leave him out!
(But really, trying to eat dinner on a moving vehicle with two kids ready to spill stuff at any moment, and all taking turns holding a baby past his can imagine ;)

We had been talking all week about the "chocolate choo choo" they would get for dessert.  Its been 3 days since we rode it, and that train is still in our fridge, in almost pristine condition.  Shep didn't want to eat it and mess it up. Yesterday I broke off a piece to give Major to eat and Shepherd had a full on melt down, crying that I broke his train.  #heshismothersson

Sitting on Santa's lap! Shep was not a fan....Joey is right outside of the picture, holding Shep's hand ;)

I love matching jammies!!

Major has never been that impressed with Santa ;)


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