We bought a house!

We are no longer homeless! Last week we moved into our new home! We haven't had internet access so I'm just now getting around to posting.
There's a ton of work to do, just getting our stuff organized and put away. Surprise surprise, getting anything done with three kids is nearly impossible. It is very brown, so we are working on painting the inside now. Every single room on the main floor is wrapped with wood finishes. I would love to eventually paint the exterior as well. 

On move in day, while we were waiting on the movers to get there with our stuff, Shep called for me and had posed the three of them together and said to take their picture. Are you kidding me!? Dreams come true. 

And one little sneak peek. 

We just got wifi yesterday, so I'll be back with more before pictures and updates soon!

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  1. Congratulations on your new home! I hope you all have settled in nicely although I know unpacking can definitely take a few months. I love the photo of the interior that you shared. The wood floors are gorgeous and go nicely with the staircase. Good luck to you all in your new family home!