Christmas Day 2016

Christmas morning, for the second year in a row, the boys ran into the living room without us realizing and we completely missed their initial reactions :(
Joey had to work that morning, just for a bit, and had snuck out early while the boys were still asleep.  As soon as he left, Breaker woke up, so I went to his room and as soon as I sat down with him I hear the pitter patter of little feet running.  I ran out of Breaker's room and Major was like, "MOM! A motorcycle!!"  Sweet boy.  I hate that we didn't get to see his face first thing! Also, trying to convince 2 little excited boys to wait on their daddy and stay in our bedroom for two hours was SUPER FUN on Christmas morning ;)

Here is Shepherd's face as he unwrapped "THE POLAR!"

And again with another train set. This boy loves his trains!

Major loves motorcycles!

I did a terrible job of documenting our day.  We hosted our entire families, both Joey's side and my side. We had a big lunch and opened presents together.

Opening gifts!

I could cry in shame of not getting one single picture of my baby opening gifts.  He slept through our Christmas morning, and the rest of the day was a blur.  My poor 3rd child!! He was still the cutest and happiest baby, even if his mom didn't document it.  Even this picture was stolen from my sister in law!

Merry Christmas, 2016!

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