Christmas Eve 2016

On Christmas Eve we went to the Candlelight service at church.  Shepherd insisted on sitting with us, so we let him go to "big church."  Aren't they precious?

He was so sweet and careful with his candle.

Family picture after the service.  Shepherd and Breaker both look like they're being held hostage and Major...

Major is Major.

Not pictured: Our Christmas Eve meal at O'Charleys.  Ugh...Next year we will do better.

We got home and took some pictures by the tree and sat out cookies and milk tea for Santa. (Major said Santa prefers tea.)

I have never seen a more handsome group of men!!!

Breaker Blue's 1st Christmas.

Progression of Major asking for "just one more" bite of cookie and being told no.

Two excited boys heading to bed!


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