Confession Friday

I looked in the fridge and realized we were down to 11 Cokes left out of the 24 pack that was purchased less than 36 hours ago.  I need an intervention.  I didn't drink this much Coke when Joey worked there.

This week I taught Shep how to work the DVR.  Now he can find all of his shows on his own.  Not sure if this is a Parenting Win or Parenting Fail, but its definitely a Parenting Hack.

We have a mouse in the house :( My mom said to get used to it, living in the "country." I'm hoping it's just because we had gross garbage piling up in the garage while we waited on a trash can to be delivered. There is not trash pickup where we live, so you have to either haul it to the dump yourself or hire someone. 

Yesterday I found Breaker playing with something, and upon inspection realized it was a little piece of poop. Not sure whose it was or where it came from...but that's where we're at in life.

Well that's enough confessions for today. Poop pellets seems like a good place to leave it.

Happy weekend! We plan on going to the parade and checking out our new hometown. 

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