Goodbye, 2016!

And good riddance!

Only half joking! ;)
However, I am more than happy to say goodbye to this year and get on with it.
It was the year we had our precious Breaker Blue, we had a great time in Utah, including some fun trips and exploring, we went on vacation and spent time with family, we bought a beautiful home and are settled back in Kentucky.  We learned and grew and became wiser and gained perspective.
I can say with confidence that I am a better, kinder, more understanding, more forgiving, more appreciative person at the end of this year than I was at the beginning.  Thats a lot of growing, which is what life is all about...but it just means I went through a lot of stuff to get here.

The beginning of this year was hard, I was super pregnant, the most miserable pregnancy I've had, I literally felt like I couldn't make it through the day.  Breaker's birth was hard on me.  March through July were really good.  I had so much energy purely from NOT being pregnant.  Breaker was such an easy baby and so wonderful to bring into our family.  The summer months we did a lot of traveling, which I love.  We went to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Hilton Head. There were 2 weeks in August that were absolutely terrible for me.  Joey was gone for about 2 weeks straight for work and flying to Kentucky to interview for the job here.  I was alone in Utah with three kids and absolutely miserable.  It was so hard.
THEN September 1st came and it just all went downhill from there.  The worst and hardest thing that has ever happened to us happened, Rhonda's death.  And ever since then its just been hard.  Watching my husband go through his own grief, and having to deal with so much other $h*t on top of it, is terrible.

What we thought was going to be one of the best times of our life, moving back to Kentucky, to a town where we will send our kids to school and sign them up for soccer and really be settled here for the long term, moving into such a great house...its all just been chaos instead and its hard to really enjoy anything.

I have a ton of blog posts planned for January...all posts I had planned for December but then the Christmas - New Years week was too crazy to do anything.
Is it just me or has this holiday season been the worst timing ever?  Everything has happened on a weekend.  Please just give us holidays on a Thursday so that we can have an entire "off" week instead of it feeling like a super busy weekend and no time to recover before the next holiday on a weekend!

I'm ready for a new year and a fresh start and a better 2017.

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!

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  1. I basically wrote the same post a week ago and was waiting to publish it until today! :/ I hope that both of our families heal and that 2017 is better for all! Happy New Year, girl! xoxo