Last Week

Last week the boys and I were at my parents house, which is why I didn't post much. They have crappy Internet. "Oh they must live out in the middle of nowhere?" you might ask. "It's 2016 there is no excuse for bad internet service," one might say. Oh no. They live right in the middle of town. It makes no sense and it's super annoying. I can't check social media and can barely send texts or receive calls. 
I realize this is a first world problem. 

Anyway. We went to stay with them because Joey was in Seattle for work. 
Have you seen the articles floating around about the new Amazon Go grocery store? Joey was there!

Shepherd, Major and I all passed around getting sick while we were there :( Poor Shep had it the worst. He actually threw up all over my car. I had to go get it detailed before we could drive home. It was everywhere. 

Some pictures from last week:

My mom had a Christmas program at her school, so we went to watch. 

Major had no problem going and sitting with the big kids, but Shep was nervous, so my sister went and sat with them. 

At my old elementary school! It is the most precious school. 


Thomas the Train's number one fan!
Also: approximately 45 minutes before the stomach bug hit. 

After throwing up all over my car. 

And throwing up again and falling asleep on the bathroom floor. My dad brought him a blanket while I made up his bed. My mom slept in the living room with him so he wouldn't be sleeping right next to Major. 

The next night. Shep was feeling better and we decorated the Christmas tree. 

Little Shepherd, Major and Breaker elves.

3 sleeping angels.  


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