A drink stop is an odd thing to have on a bucket list, but here we are.  You always hear about "Dirty" drinks on the Mormon mommy blogs, and I wanted to see what they were talking about.  
Swig is a little "fast food" place that as far as I can tell serves only drinks and cookies.  I REGRET TO TELL YOU I DID NOT TRY A COOKIE.  I don't think I'll get over it, because I see people go on about them all the time on Instagram.  
Anyway. I had to ask the guy working how to order and what a "dirty" drink was.  
It is a drink with added coconut flavor to it!

So I ordered one and...I hated it.  So gross.  I gave it to Major.  Because thats what responsible parenting looks like.  Give your two year old a sugary caffeinated beverage, when they haven't napped and you're out in public, at a theme park, no less. 
Anway, so there you have it.  $6 spent on "dirty" cokes and a big ol check off my bucket list. 

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