This is my PSA for today

I have two things to share. 
Walmart has gotten some new stuff in and it is super cute and best of all PLAIN! No brands or weird characters and designs. I've always thought Walmart has good quality in their clothes (some stuff...not the character stuff!) and these seemed to be good. I bought the blue striped pajamas for Major so we will see how it holds up. 

Pajamas were $4.97!

Sweatshirts for $3.88!

And I don't have girls to shop for, but if I did I would stock up on every size of these dresses. Cute little plain dresses. They also had leopard print and chevron. These looked very similar to June and January swing dresses. These were $6.44!

Ok, second. My husband is a man of many hobbies and "obsessions" and I want to share his latest one. It is this auction website: Everything But the House

I would much rather have an older piece of furniture that is well made to last, than a fake wood piece that's going to fall apart. It's hard to find furniture like this now, especially without spending a TON of money. We can always clean it up and paint it or refinish it if needed to meet our style. 

We got this table from the auction for $15! It comes with 3 more leaves you can install that makes it seat at least 12 people. I wanted the biggest table possible so we can have as many people as possible around it :)

We also got this thing. I'm not sure what to call it. It was a display case in a shop. We spent a little more money on this one, just because it doesn't look like something that would come up often, and its dimensions were perfect for where we want it.  It was actually quite stressful, the final few minutes of the auction, we would bid, then some other person would bid and kick us off, then we would bid and anxiously wait to see if they would bid again.  Our competitive juices were flowing ;)  
We plan on painting it, removing the shelves and adding hooks and putting a cushion down for seating. It is the perfect measurements to fit next to our garage door and I imagine it to be the perfect spot for all of the boys backpacks and school stuff to be, ready to walk out the door the next day. 

This concludes my Shopping Public Service Announcement for today. 

Before I go, some pictures of my chunky man eating. He loves food and is gobbling down an entire jar and starting a 2nd one before he's full. 

And this was how the boys fell asleep last night. I don't get it, haha!


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