The last 3 months have been the hardest of our entire life. It seems every day has been A DAY. Nothing has been calm or routine or easy. We were in Utah when we learned of my mother in law's death and in a complete state of shock. Within about 12 hours of hearing the news we were on a plane to Kentucky with no plans of the boys and I ever coming back to Utah. Everything I packed that day into a big suitcase and two backpacks, in my frenzied state, would be everything we had until we bought a house and got our stuff out of storage. 
Joey started a new job, we lived in a corporate housing apartment, we stayed with multiple different friends and relatives. Kids thrive on structure and honestly, I do too. Our lives have been so chaotic over the past three months. 
And on top of all of that, we still feel in shock over losing Rhonda. We still feel in a fog. 
Everything we've been dealing with in regards to moving across the country on a moments notice, is covered in a cloud of grief. 
I know we are going to look back in this time in our life and wonder how we even made it. 

We are people, who have a lot of people.
I am so thankful for that. I'm thankful that neither time nor distance changed that.
Without our family and friends, and even acquaintances and strangers...we would have drowned by now.  That sounds dramatic, but so is what we've been through.

If you'd asked me before I don't know what I would have said.  Are people inherently good?  For me, seeing how people responded to Rhonda's death, has shown me more than I ever realized...people are good. You can't let a few bad apples take that truth away. Overwhelmingly, people are good. 
They have been so good to us. 

Offered to pay for our plane tickets back to Kentucky. 
Friends in Utah immediately brought us a bag of stuff for the plane ride to entertain the boys. 
Offered to get us hotel rooms. 
Given us rides. 
Given us their vehicle. 
Brought us meals. 
Given up their own beds. 
Watched our kids. 
Given us money. 
Given us baby gear. 
So much more.

In those first few days especially, I feel like we were all just making it minute to minute. It is all so HEAVY. And Joey and I both said, that we could feel the prayers so many people told us they were saying, lifting us up, helping us get to the next minute. 

All of this to say.
I am thankful for our village.


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