Breaker at 15 months

I have to say, doing my little monthly chair pictures for the boys, was exhausting and I'm kind of glad he's a year old now so I don't have to do it anymore ;)
But, at this age, they still change so much month to month, that I wanted to do a little recap of Breaker at 15 months old.  His little personality is really starting to develop, and I have a feeling we have a rowdy one on our hands.  He's just a little mischievous and loves to be told "no" and then laugh in your face and do it anyway.
At this age, they really change so much day to day. Every day it seems like he's doing something new and big.

He loves drinking anything other than water or milk. He has hated water and milk from the beginning, its not like I started out with something else and tried to make him go back to something plain. He stalks Major and tries to get his glass so he can drink all of his tea. Its bad!

Favorite foods: Ham, shredded cheese, hard boiled egg.

We have this little saying where we tell him to "go crazy" and he laughs and shakes his head back and forth really fast.

He says "Dada" alllll day long. You would think he didn't even know how to say "Mama" except if he's crying he will sometimes say it. I'll ask him to say "Mama," and he looks at me and laughs and says "Dada!" He knows exactly what he's doing.

Loves to play peek a boo, and always plays it with Shep. Its so sweet. That is his thing with Shep and with Major they will laugh and steal pacis back and forth, unless Breaker isn't in the mood then he'll smack Major in the face.

Speaking of smacking in the face, he for some reason loves to do that, and it HURTS! He will hit and punch us all! If Joey or I tell him to stop, Major and Shep will both rush to his defense and say, "Don't talk to him like that, he's a baby!"

He has really good aim. He loves to throw a ball back and forth and he always throws it right to you.

He is always sticking his tongue out.

Our nickname for him is "Judy" and he actually has started answering to it. Poor kid. We call him "Big Booty Judy."

He's been in size 5 diapers since he was like 8 months old. He's between 18 and 24 month clothes right now.  All of the 18 month stuff is snug.

He's still not walking.  He will cruise around on furniture, but hasn't attempted to walk on his own yet. The other day he stood up on his own for the first time. I wasn't home and Joey said both of the boys started screaming in excitement, cheering him on. They are the best big brothers.
He will walk if you walk with him holding his hands.

Little boys are just hardwired to think farts are funny. I can tell you, I literally never once had a discussion about farting or pooping until I had kids. I grew up with just a sister and that just wasn't something we thought was funny. Never. It was mortifying to me. Now I literally talk about farts and poop all day long. Anyway, back to Breaker. He's only a year old and he can fart on demand. Isn't that crazy? A few months ago I was holding him and he let out a little toot. I said, "Did you just toot on me?!" and laughed. Then he laughed and did it again! And again. Then when he ran out of gas he sat there and strained trying to keep going. Little boys are so funny.
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Old Train Depot Day!

A few weekends ago we got to go to Old Train Depot Day in our new little hometown! I am not entirely sure if that is the actual title of this little celebration, but thats what Shep called it and we've had it on our calendar for MONTHS. It was an annual celebration of the old train station in downtown and there were tons of model trains and vendors set up. It was fun checking our our new town, and where our boys will grow up, where their "home" will always be. 

Shep is so heartbreaking and sweet. He was so excited and has talked about this day for so long, that when we finally got there he just didn't know what to do with himself. He got very shy and just wanted to look at everything. He likes to take things in internally instead of making a big external to do. 

After we walked around the train station, we took the trolley to Boone Tavern and got ice cream.

We walked through the hotel and Joey and I talked about how its very possible one of our boys could get married there one day. Tear!

If this doesn't sum up where we live...

Can you spot Major?

Checking out the model trains.

Posing with a new sign we got for their bedroom! What an angel.

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May Resolutions Review

So as a reminder, my May goal was to read three books, and I am happy to report that I did it!

I finished my three books! I'm so proud of myself for accomplishing my little resolution. A month is much better gratification than setting a New Years resolution and having a whole year to see if you actually do it. And the thing about New Years resolutions is you have a whole year so you have to go big. I just read this article about how if you want to accomplish a goal, you have to say no to all the alternatives. You need to pick one thing you want to do, and just do IT. When I told Joey my goal for June, he said why didn't I just do more than one a month, since they are small and not really that hard. But I am not going to over-do it. One little goal a month is plenty.

Some things I've noticed over this month of reading:

I look at my phone less.

I would still rather be able to sit down and have time to read, but thats not going to happen. So my options are either not read, or read in small time increments.

Because I'm never sitting down and reading for big chunks of time, its easier for me to read light and breezy books, or my self help book thats broken down into shorter sections. I had a hard time starting the novel, and once I did I read it mostly after the boys were in bed so I could concentrate. I did a lot of reading while I was sitting outside watching the boys play.

I refuse to waste my time reading something I don't like, so I quit my first novel choice after a few chapters. The book was "The Paris Wife" and it was a fiction book about real people. No thanks, I'd rather just look them up on the internet and find out about them that way.
I was determined to still read three books, so when I quit that book I went to the library and got Big Little Lies.

So a little review of the three books I read:
(Again, I chose books from different genres on purpose, so I would always have something I was in the mood for.)

Big Little Lies

I loved it! I read it in 2 days and Joey and I started watching the show last night. I liked knowing who played the characters on the HBO show, so I could picture them in the book. We're only two episodes in, but as of now I'd say I like the book more than the show.

Always and forever my favorite type of book. I love autobiographies.
Turning the Tables, Teresa Guidice

Don't judge ;)
It was a quick and easy read. If you watch Orange is the New Black I thought it was most interesting how what she described in prison was just like how that show is portrayed. If you do watch OITNB, the real life Piper also went to the same prison where Teresa served her sentence.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families

I love this book and I may do a separate post on it. I definitely recommend this, although I think it gets a little repetitive. It does share a lot of good practices to use in your family, a lot are things we were already doing. Reading this a little at a time helps me be a nicer person ;)

So, my June resolution is...
Drink 4 bottles of water a day. 
Thats about 8 glasses of water, and this is so much harder than it sounds. I think my skin will benefit, so I'm determined to stick to it. I'll check back in at the end of the month and report how I did and share my July resolution!
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The Homeless look

The more kids I have, the lower my standards go ;)
Now that my older two can dress themselves, thats one less thing for me to do, so I just go with it. Now Shepherd is a little more open to my suggestions, so he usually looks a bit more presentable. 
Major, on the other hand.  As soon as he wakes up, he picks out an outfit on his own, and get socks and shoes and insists on getting dressed. This boy starts his day ready to go. No waking up slowly for him. I've always known I'd be the type of parent who lets my kids wear what they want. If they want to dye their hair purple, they can go for it. 
Here are some recent "homeless" (as I call it) looks. Please note the Spiderman hat and Paw Patrol shoes are his very favorites.

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"The President"

This may be my most random post ever.

So, somehow, this goofy little thing I made up one day when I was playing with my kids, has taken off and they talk about it

One day, the boys and I were playing upstairs and just being silly. Shep brought me this little toy phone and told me I had a call. I pretended to listen, then said, "Oh my gosh! Its the president! He said that Breaker is so cute that he wants to take him to the White House!" and we went on this long pretend game where we took turns telling the president that he could not have our baby!
I had Joey text me and pretend to be the president and he sent me a fake picture of Donald Trump behind bars, and I told the boys we didn't have to worry about the president taking Breaker anymore.

So, that game has stuck, and now literally anytime anything bad happens, or out of the ordinary happens, or just anything, they blame it on the president. 
They will spill a drink and tell me the president did it. 
They will lose something and decide the president must have taken it. 
If a car honks its horn, they say it must be the president.

If you swipe right on my phone, it will show some top news stories for the day, and often Donald Trump's picture is on there. Shep thinks this is hilarious and is always saying "the president" is on my phone. If Donald Trump comes on tv, I'll play it up and tell them that the headline says "President searching for Cutest Baby."
The other day, just Shep and I were at Walmart, and we were in the checkout line. Shep notices a magazine with Donald Trump on the cover and he is so loud and dramatic, "Oh my gosh, Mom! Its the president! I'm scared! Lets get in a different line!" 
We seem like bleeding heart liberals ;)

The other day, we got a package, and I had completely forgotten that like 6 weeks ago I ordered this outfit off of Amazon for Breaker. 
We have this saying, "Show him who's boss!" that we always say. Maj and Shep will be fighting over something, and I'll say "You can take him, Major! Show him who's boss!" We always call Breaker the "Boss baby."
So we got this little outfit that says "BOSS" on the shirt and I told the boys it was from the president and that the card said, "Breaker's the boss!" They thought it was hilarious.

Just a random and weird story for your day!
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Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday, we went to the Kentucky Horse Park, for Vintage Market Days. Tons of vendors selling all types of vintage-y, Joanna Gaines style decor. We bought a few things, but with the boys we ran through there so fast ;)  Joey and I love stuff like that and we both could have spent hours in there, but we were probably in and out in less than 2 hours.

 After we left, we were both giddy about going to Texas Roadhouse. Seriously. We love this place. I don't know if we've been there since we lived in Utah. Breaker was a fan. 
Notice: Joey decided to give Breaker a fruit pouch to eat in his car seat, which he immediately squeezed out all over himself, the car seat, and the car. So Breaker went in Texas Roadhouse with a t-shirt and fat diaper like the classy people we are. I found a pair of old shorts of Major's in the diaper bag that were a size too big, so we put those on him.

On Sunday, we went to Pop Pop's house for Jack's birthday party. 

The sky was so pretty and the temperature was perfect. It never rained.

All the cousins! All boys!

On Monday, we stayed home and worked on the house all day. 

Mainly outside, including getting more veggies planted in the garden. We have tons of tomatoes and onions, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, bell peppers, blueberries and raspberries.

The sunset on Monday night was gorgeous. I never take a pretty sunset for granted. I always stop and thank God for giving us pretty things to look at. 

So very thankful for this place to call home, and the men and women who risk their lives giving us our freedom, and their families who also sacrifice so much.

Happy Memorial Day!
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Happy Friday! We of course have a full weekend planned. Tomorrow, we are going to Vintage Market Days at the KY Horse Park. Its this big market with tons of different vendors from all over the country. We have to bring the boys with us, so hopefully they are ok and we actually get to look around. On Sunday, we have our nephew, Jack's, birthday party. 
Today is a big photo dump of the last few weeks.

The day Major decided to get out all of his naughtiness in one day. Most notably, getting a paint roller and painting the floor, the coffee table, the dresser, and the fireplace while I was putting Breaker down for a nap. It came out, thank God. Except for the fireplace. 

That evening he was so worn out from driving me crazy that he fell asleep sitting straight up while we were playing outside.

The Bradley's came to play!

After bath hair.

Planting our garden!

Shep went to a birthday party for this little girl from his preschool class.

Birthday pancakes the morning after he turned 5.

Playing with hula hoops at the Berea Makers Market.

I shouldn't have gotten rid of our double stroller.

Shep and his preschool teachers, Ms. Mary and Ms. Kathy! He had a great first year.

Showing off his sweet plate that Ms. Mary made for him.

Nicknie baby!
(Major used to say "nicknie" instead of naked, so now thats what we call it ;)

Haircut boy! I love the view of our street as the sun is setting.

So enthralled in Bubble Guppies.


Love these pictures of Shep and my dad working puzzles.

Baby shower for Veda and Jonathan. We are so excited for them! 

Shep is seriously the sweetest brother to Breaker. He loves him so much.

Getting so big!

Cracker Barrel, Shep did a good job staying in the lines ;)

Another night of falling asleep at 5pm on the couch. This child needs a nap so bad, but I can't get him to take one any earlier. 

Maj and our new neighbor friend, Cruz!

The boys begged us to blow up the bounce house again, so I invited over all of our friends in town and had a big play date.

Cousin sleepover with Matthew! Last night we had a pizza party and movie, and today we are making a lunch trip to see Joey and go to McDonald's!

Have a great weekend!

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