3 Words

When we were filling out paperwork for Shepherd's preschool, they asked us to give 3 words that describe him.  That got us thinking, how would we describe the other boys in 3 words.  As they get older, I'm sure these adjectives will change, but at 4 years old, 3 years old and almost a year, these are the words we chose:

For Shepherd:



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Catching up

Today I'm just going to do a big photo dump of our life lately. 

This weekend the boys and I are heading to my hometown to celebrate my Grandma's 80th birthday.  Joey is staying behind to paint. #storyofourlife #somuchtopaint #justwantmyhousedone

Breaker is obsessed with the bathtub!

This child can be the biggest grump!  Shep got to pick a toy out of the treasure box at school for moving up to purple on the behavior chart. Major was PISSED. He wanted a toy too. He stomped all the way to the car, then...

got in and sat like this.  

A different day...happy now! How cute is his shirt? Its from this shop I follow on Instagram...@elorainspired
They have cute little Bible inspired shirts and she just started doing pillow cases.  I'm thinking about getting the pillow cases for the boys rooms.

After his haircut!

Loves looking out the window!

For Major's birthday we got him a play kitchen.  He loves to pretend he's making me food and drinks.  He specializes in hamburgers and milkshakes :)
Anyway, the day after his birthday, I got up and got in the shower and when I came out of the bathroom, all the lights in our bedroom were on but Joey and Shep were both still sleeping and Major was gone.  
(Side note: Shep and Maj are still sleeping in the floor of our bedroom...one day we'll have our life together.)
I go to look for Maj and he has snuck into their bedroom and is quietly playing with his kitchen.  This is what I was talking about in his 3 year post.  He is so independent and doesn't need anyone to do anything with him. He just does what he wants, when he wants to do it.  I came in the room and he turned around like no big deal, "Oh hi, Mom.  Want some breakfast?"

So the day after Major's 3rd birthday, we went to the doctor for shots.  Our pediatrician in Utah told me Shep didn't need shots until he was in school, and our pediatrician here said he was behind, so Shep was getting vaccines, too.  He was not thrilled.
I dropped Breaker off with my sister in law, Jen, because I was anticipating having to hold them both down.  They actually did pretty well, but this was the aftermath:

Major got the cutest leather jacket and aviators from Uncle Casey and Aunt Shelbi.  I screamed when he opened it...so cute!! Have you ever seen a cooler 3 year old?

Who is this grown baby?!

Shep and Major think its the most fun thing ever to switch car seats.  Luckily they are pretty much the same size.  This day all 3 of them actually fell asleep in the car AT THE SAME TIME.

Well, thats just been our life lately.  I think next week I'll try and share some before pictures of our house.  Hopefully we can get a lot accomplished if Joey can get the painting done.
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Major's Motorcycle Party

For Major's 3rd birthday, he requested a motorcycle party!

I love his sweet face when we were all singing him Happy Birthday!

Lots of help opening gifts!

Shep and Grayson snuck off to play trains.  I love their friendship so much! 
Also, as you can see, the boys room is not exactly up and running.  We got them twin beds and as soon as Joey can paint the trim, we will get their room decorated.  I have the cutest idea in my head for their room.  Its going to have a "Boy Scout meets Summer Camp" theme.  I can't wait.  I love decorating kids rooms!

Breaker and Madelyn! Just a few weeks apart.

Trying so hard to get all of the kids to look!

They actually didn't do too bad!

As you can see...we make a lot of boys!

Reece! He and Major are just a few months apart.  Love that they have cousins to grow up with.


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After traveling with three kids, multiple times across the country, I have racked up a few tips on how to make the traveling as smooth as possible.

First, you need to decide when to travel.  This could go either way, but for us its always worked out best to travel at bedtime.  Our kids have been pretty good about sleeping through most of the driving/flying, when we time it this way.

When flying, we traveled with two backpacks and checked all other luggage.  Its worth it to not have to carry luggage and keep up with kids!
In one backpack, we keep all necessities.  Things like:
-Diapers and wipes
-Changes of clothes
-Hand sanitizer

In the second backpack, we keep everything we bring to keep them entertained. Its a good idea to get some new things they've never seen before and some tried and true favorites. You don't have to spend a lot of money on new items...the dollar store has lots of little toys and books that would work!

Some other ideas:
-Plain notebook and stickers
-Dry erase board and dry erase marker(s)
-Etch a sketch
(I prefer those over crayons or markers, because you're not going to be searching the floor for lost items!)

Snacks can go in this bag too! Stock up on stuff that takes a long time to eat.
-Trail mix
(I mix raisins, Cheerios, pretzels, cashews and M&Ms)

Save it for last, but do not be afraid to give kids an ipad or your phone! Now is not the time to be super parent! You're trying to survive a flight or long car ride ;)  We always download movies or shows that don't require wifi.  Don't forget the charger!

When we go on vacation, I can't remember the last time we stayed in a hotel.  With kids, you can't waste the space needed to pack all of the essentials.  Staying in a condo or vacation home, that already has all of the everyday stuff a family needs is the way to go.  Its also just a lot more relaxing and spacious.  The number one thing I look for when booking a place to stay is somewhere that is clean and comfortable, and up to date.

I decided to see what's available in Indian Shores, Florida. Thats where we honeymooned, and maybe one day we'll go back!  I looked up rentals on the site www.tripping.com.  This site allows you to search and compare prices on destinations all over the world! You can see more rental options in Florida here

I really liked this one, because it looked like it had the exact same layout as the condo we stayed in on our honeymoon!

If you're looking for a vacation spot, we really liked Indian Shores! Here we are on our honeymoon:
Ahhh to be young and well rested and skinny ;)

This post was inspired by the site Tripping.com. They approached me about sharing some travel tips, so I hope I've given you some good pointers!

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My Maj is 3!

If you've ever met Major, he's probably told you that you're his best friend. (If you've ever made him mad, he's probably told you that you're "not his best friend, anymore!") He engages everyone he meets.  He's funny and charismatic and such a stinker.  He's the most well-rounded person.  That sounds weird to say about a three year old, but he really is just the whole package. He's fun, silly and effortlessly cool.  He's as tough as nails, but still asks me to snuggle with him on the couch.  He will ask you the same thing 600 times in a row if he doesn't like your answer.  He is absolutely fearless...actually the only thing that can scare him is if his big brother is mad at him.  I know God has big plans for him, and I pray all the time that Joey and I can raise him to honor God with his gifts.
I am so thankful for this precious, rambunctious, wild and funny boy.

Some things about Major at 3 years old:

He loves: Playing "bad guys," motorcycles, "shoot guns," Captain America and superheroes, PJ Masks and pretending to turn into Cat Boy.

He hates: Waiting for whatever it is he is wanting, when things don't work, mayonnaise

Mainly wearing 4t clothes, but still too skinny for 4t pants.
30 lbs
Sleeps 8ish-7:30ish
Sleeps through just about anything.
Will sometimes wake up and get in our bed, or make us find his paci.
Naps around 2pm, if we're lucky ;)
If no nap, he turns into the biggest grump by 4pm!
Turned forward facing in his car seat for his 3rd birthday.
Still very attached to his paci. (He didn't care a thing about it until Breaker was born.)
He's very close to potty trained, I just need to commit and work on it with him.  I hate potty training so I've been putting it off.

Major really is just very easy going.  He has fun doing anything and I've said before that it makes me remember whats important in life.

He is so athletic and picks up any new skill so quickly. I can't wait to get him into a sport! 

He creates these funny phrases and his brother, friends and cousins catch onto so that these phrases are now "a thing." For example: "Hey Poopy Butt, come and get me!" and "Lets do it!"

He cracks me and Joey up, because he is just like us when it comes to technology.  If something doesn't work, I have no desire to figure out why, I just want it to work again.  Major get so crazy angry if the ipad doesn't work.  It can be something as simple as the low battery icon popping up, and he refuses to learn to just press "OK." He will scream and cry until you fix it.

He will eat anything, but he will especially want it, if its someone else's meal. He really loves yogurt, because my dad eats yogurt all the time and he noticed.

This probably won't make sense, but did you see Bruno Mars on carpool karaoke? When we watched that, Joey said, "thats Maj."  He just has an effortless coolness about him and he loves to have fun.

One of my favorite things about Major is how independent he is.  He doesn't rely on any of us to do what he wants to do.  If he wakes up before us, I've found him in the kitchen before eating breakfast.  When we lived in Utah, he used to come in alone to have a snack, watch a show or play something else, then go back outside when he was ready to join the other kids.  When we were at Joey's dad's house for Christmas, he sat down alone to eat this strawberry cake, got up to find Natalie, asked her for seconds and then sat down alone and finished it off, then got right back up to play.  He just does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it.  I love that about him.

I hope he is always confident, always go with the flow, always having fun.  I pray his special personality is used in big ways.

Happy birthday, Major William!!
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Shep gets a haircut!

A couple of days ago, Casey, Shelbi and Reece came over for a haircut party!


He looked so much like me at this point.  I had a little bob when I was little.

Joey sent this out on our family group text ;)

Final product! My handsome boy!!

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