2016 Year in Review :: January - April


This was the year I turned 30 and had 3 kids ages 3 and under. Whew! 

Starting the year celebrating my 30th birthday at 30 weeks pregnant. 

Lots of snow that never melts. Shep's face sums up how I felt about that. 

Marked Wyoming off our bucket list. 

32 weeks pregnant 

Lots of cabin fever from being stuck inside with a very pregnant mom, frigid temps and snow to our knees. 

Celebrated Major's 2nd birthday with a family photo shoot.

This month I was very pregnant, with absolutely no energy. We barely left the house all month. Lots of staying inside and playing!

Our 2016 Valentine's Day dinner:

March was obviously a HUGE month with Breaker joining our family!

So thankful for the special time we had having Rhonda all to ourselves.

My family came to celebrate Easter.

Breaker slept through his 1 month photo shoot.

We went to Antelope Island.

Don and Caity came to visit.

Shepherd proved what a great big brother he was.


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