2016 Year in Review :: May - August

In the month of May the weather in Utah was finally warming up, and we started back on our walks to the park almost every day. We celebrated Shepherd's 4th birthday with a trip to the train museum, and just adjusted to being a family of 5.

June was a big month for travel...we spent half of the month on vacation!
Breaker saw the ocean for the first time when we met friends in Hilton Head.

I cried driving through the beautiful green state of South Carolina and we really just started feeling like we wanted to be back home and have our boys grow up Kentuckians.

While we were in Hilton Head, Major spent the week with my parents and participated in the first annual Pappy and Gigi's Week of Fun.

After Hilton Head, we drove to Kentucky and introduced Breaker to the Bluegrass.

We spent time with our friends.

And family.

It was unknown to us that this would be the last time the boys and I saw Rhonda :(
(Joey luckily spent time with her when he came to Kentucky in August for a job interview.)

More family time at my parents house:

And back to Utah we went, starting to think about returning to Kentucky a lot sooner than we had ever thought.

July was another really fun month for travel.  We took advantage of every spare second we had to explore.

Bear World was a pit stop in Idaho.

We stayed the night in Montana.

And visited Yellowstone National Park!

We hung out with friends at home and at the park.

We went to the Grand Canyon and rode on the Grand Canyon Railway.

My best friend, Tara, came to visit us in Utah and went with us.

Beautiful drive home from the Grand Canyon through Arizona and Utah.

Visiting Bryce Canyon...beautiful!

In August we were in the thick of Joey interviewing for jobs.  He applied for probably 100 jobs, and interviewed non stop. We had no real idea what we wanted, so he applied for jobs all over the East coast.  We just wanted to at least be within driving distance of Kentucky.  This was a hard month, full of unknowns and questioning ourselves.

I had a new hobby...studying our family history! I went to the Family Research library near our house at night after Joey got home from work and traced both of our families back so far! My side I got back to the 1500s I believe...and Joey's family I traced back to 700 bc! It was so cool. Joey's side had lots of royalty, including a Boleyn sister.

This was the house we (mainly Joey) were obsessed with.  While Joey was in Kentucky for a job interview he went to look at it.  As you know...we didn't end up there.  God has a better plan for us than we can come up with on our own!

While Joey was in Kentucky interviewing, I was having the longest two weeks of my life alone in Utah. Thankful for my friend, Becky, who brought her kids to play and kept us entertained. (2 weeks because after Kentucky, Joey was in Arizona for another week for work.)

Joey was finally home! And Breaker was excited!

My friend, Becky's baby shower.

Weekend with my family in downtown Salt Lake City. 
When I think about that weekend...I can't help but think about it being the last weekend before Rhonda died.  Before our life was turned upside down.  Our life before September 1st is now BEFORE and everything after is now AFTER.  Ever since it happened, everything has been colored with her death.  I don't know...just something I was thinking about.  

At the end of August, Joey did get a job offer bringing us back to Kentucky.  In hindsight, it was above and beyond God taking care of us, giving us exactly what we needed in more ways than I can count.

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