2016 Year in Review :: September - December


Kind of a weird picture to include this month...but I took this picture really quickly as we rushed out of our house to make it to the airport for a last minute flight to Kentucky.  From September through the rest of 2016, I think its kind of obvious through these pictures that we were just surviving day to day.

Napping with a "Nana angel" that was given to us after Rhonda died.

While Joey flew back to Utah for a week to wrap up stuff with work and get our house packed up, the boys and I stayed with my parents.

Breaker's first food!

Spending time with family - the boys cousin, Reece!

I love this picture of Breaker.

Hanging out with Mills and Max.  We did have a lot of friend time in September and October.  We were living in a corporate housing apartment and I hated being there all day, so we would usually find someone to go have a play date with!

We found our house!


On October 1st, Courtney and Brett got married!

We were happy to be back with our friends!

And the boys were, too!

Sleeping in a walk in closet, on a mattress on the floor, in our corporate housing apartment. Glad that is over!

There was a construction site right next to our apartment, so we watched them work everyday.

Celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary.

Back to living with my parents after our month in the apartment was up.

Celebrating Halloween and trick or treating with family!

Breaker was the cutest Elvis.


November 1st, we closed and moved into our house!

We voted and stayed up late to see who won the presidency.

We dedicated Breaker at church and our whole family came to be with us.

We rode on the Polar Express!

We hosted Thanksgiving in our new home.


Joey was in Seattle for a week for work, so back to my parents house we went.

Celebrating Christmas at Don's house.

Celebrating Christmas at Papaw's house.

Christmas Eve services at church.

Christmas Eve, ready to leave cookies for Santa!

Christmas morning! We hosted everyone on both sides of our family to celebrate.
This holiday season was "off" for us, but I am so thankful for these precious boys who call me Mommy!


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