Catching up

Today I'm just going to do a big photo dump of our life lately. 

This weekend the boys and I are heading to my hometown to celebrate my Grandma's 80th birthday.  Joey is staying behind to paint. #storyofourlife #somuchtopaint #justwantmyhousedone

Breaker is obsessed with the bathtub!

This child can be the biggest grump!  Shep got to pick a toy out of the treasure box at school for moving up to purple on the behavior chart. Major was PISSED. He wanted a toy too. He stomped all the way to the car, then...

got in and sat like this.  

A different day...happy now! How cute is his shirt? Its from this shop I follow on Instagram...@elorainspired
They have cute little Bible inspired shirts and she just started doing pillow cases.  I'm thinking about getting the pillow cases for the boys rooms.

After his haircut!

Loves looking out the window!

For Major's birthday we got him a play kitchen.  He loves to pretend he's making me food and drinks.  He specializes in hamburgers and milkshakes :)
Anyway, the day after his birthday, I got up and got in the shower and when I came out of the bathroom, all the lights in our bedroom were on but Joey and Shep were both still sleeping and Major was gone.  
(Side note: Shep and Maj are still sleeping in the floor of our day we'll have our life together.)
I go to look for Maj and he has snuck into their bedroom and is quietly playing with his kitchen.  This is what I was talking about in his 3 year post.  He is so independent and doesn't need anyone to do anything with him. He just does what he wants, when he wants to do it.  I came in the room and he turned around like no big deal, "Oh hi, Mom.  Want some breakfast?"

So the day after Major's 3rd birthday, we went to the doctor for shots.  Our pediatrician in Utah told me Shep didn't need shots until he was in school, and our pediatrician here said he was behind, so Shep was getting vaccines, too.  He was not thrilled.
I dropped Breaker off with my sister in law, Jen, because I was anticipating having to hold them both down.  They actually did pretty well, but this was the aftermath:

Major got the cutest leather jacket and aviators from Uncle Casey and Aunt Shelbi.  I screamed when he opened cute!! Have you ever seen a cooler 3 year old?

Who is this grown baby?!

Shep and Major think its the most fun thing ever to switch car seats.  Luckily they are pretty much the same size.  This day all 3 of them actually fell asleep in the car AT THE SAME TIME.

Well, thats just been our life lately.  I think next week I'll try and share some before pictures of our house.  Hopefully we can get a lot accomplished if Joey can get the painting done.

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