Last week

I spent the long weekend in Asheville, North Carolina with my best friend and Breaker.  We both have January birthdays, so we decided to go on a trip to celebrate.  For the past 5 years, we have never been able to celebrate our birthdays together because she lived in Haiti, working as a missionary.  I'm going to do a separate post about our time in Asheville, but today let me just give you a little recap of the week leading up to our trip...aka the longest week ever.

Breaker begins a nursing strike, that will terrorize, stress and make me an emotional mess the rest of the week.

We drop Shep off at preschool and I take Maj and Breaks to the DMV.  We could end right there and you'd know how bad that day went.  

The registration for my car has been expired since September.  Pretty sure the only reason I haven't been pulled over is because the Utah tags throw the police off.  Of course, nothing is easy, but buying the car in Utah made everything more complicated.
Long story short, in the rain, in downtown, one way street traffic, next to the jail and homeless people, I drug my baby and my 2 year old in and out of the car SIX TIMES. At one point a police officer offered to stay at the car with the boys so I could run in for paperwork...I didn't even check for ID.  He could have been an escaped delinquent, I didn't care at that point.  I also chased Major down the hall of the courthouse and left Breaker in the care of strangers.  It was exhausting.  

Wednesday night:
Still on his nursing strike, Breaker spent most of the night in hysterics, looking at me like I was crazy when I offered him to nurse.  

Thursday morning:
I drag all 3 kids to the doctor for an ear infection I knew Breaker didn't have.  But I needed to rule out anything that could possibly cause a nursing strike. I had started pumping, but couldn't keep up with how much he would eat. On the way there, I think to myself, "this is so stupid. I know he doesn't have an ear infection and now I'm exposing all of them to January sick germs." Regardless, I pay $70 (that Joey later told me I shouldn't have had to pay) for the doctor to tell me he doesn't have an ear infection, he's 100% healthy and she has no idea why he would just stop nursing, cold turkey.

Thursday, 7pm: 
I take a 40 minute nap. I had gotten 4 hours of (interrupted) sleep the night before, and I just knew it would happen again.

All kids are finally asleep, I eat dinner and cry reading stories on the internet of babies who early self-weaned. (Joey had eaten while I got Breaker to bed.)

We start watching a show (Empire!) and I pump the entire hour and only get 1.5oz.
(Breaker would easily take 5 oz every time he wakes up.)

I get in bed.

Breaker wakes up.
and stays up.
until 3:30 am

DURING that time, Shep wakes Joey up 4 times.  The first 3 times, Joey gets up with him to take him back to his pallet. The 4th time, he lifts Shep up to just sleep in our bed, and Shepherd vomits all over Joey. the new mattress, new sheets and new bed. I jump up to take him to the bathroom and he vomits on me. Joey strips the sheets off the bed, and then we switch.  While he's helping Shep and cleaning himself up, I take the sheets to throw in the washer, hoping they won't stain.

5 minutes later:
I realize my phone was on the bed and is now submerged in the washer.

I cry.

We get 3 hours of sleep, barely, and get woken up by Major at 6:15am, who slept through the whole thing.

Breaker finally ends his nursing strike and goes right back to normal.  I have no idea what caused it, but I'm just thankful its over!

My phone was miraculously still turning on, but not working at all.  I ended up taking Joey's phone on my trip to Asheville, and he kept mine sitting in rice all weekend.  Knock on wood, it is working like normal now.

To top it all off...while I was going to Asheville for the weekend, my parents were going to take Shep and Maj so that Joey could get some painting done.  We never have any time to do anything, so his plan was to just knock out all three of the bedrooms while he had all of us out of the house.  Well.  Major was so excited because my parents were taking them to a motorcycle show and this is the picture my mom sends me:

You can tell he just doesn't feel good here:

And then this:

Not normal.  She said he sat down and slept for 45 minutes.  They woke him up because they had plans to go to the museum, and while they were there Major threw up :( The very first time he's ever been sick.  I hated that he threw up for the first time without me there to comfort him.
Then to top off the weekend, Joey spent all night Saturday vomiting, and was too sick on Sunday to do anything.  Soooo. Very disappointing.  I just want our house in order! I'm just thankful that Breaker and I were able to dodge the stomach bug.  I was up all night with Breaker (not sleeping) on Saturday and I felt like I was going to get it, but I never actually got sick. Thank you Jesus!

If you're still reading...I'm sorry that was so long and boring! Be thankful it wasn't your week ;)
I'll be back posting, hopefully tomorrow, with an Asheville recap! We went to the Biltmore and I loved it!


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  1. Omg! You poor thing! My registration actually was also expired since September and Nick finally got it renewed this past weekend. NJ was a headache to switch over and I lived in fear for months that I would get pulled over with my expired CA tags!