Major's Motorcycle Party

For Major's 3rd birthday, he requested a motorcycle party!

I love his sweet face when we were all singing him Happy Birthday!

Lots of help opening gifts!

Shep and Grayson snuck off to play trains.  I love their friendship so much! 
Also, as you can see, the boys room is not exactly up and running.  We got them twin beds and as soon as Joey can paint the trim, we will get their room decorated.  I have the cutest idea in my head for their room.  Its going to have a "Boy Scout meets Summer Camp" theme.  I can't wait.  I love decorating kids rooms!

Breaker and Madelyn! Just a few weeks apart.

Trying so hard to get all of the kids to look!

They actually didn't do too bad!

As you can see...we make a lot of boys!

Reece! He and Major are just a few months apart.  Love that they have cousins to grow up with.



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