My Maj is 3!

If you've ever met Major, he's probably told you that you're his best friend. (If you've ever made him mad, he's probably told you that you're "not his best friend, anymore!") He engages everyone he meets.  He's funny and charismatic and such a stinker.  He's the most well-rounded person.  That sounds weird to say about a three year old, but he really is just the whole package. He's fun, silly and effortlessly cool.  He's as tough as nails, but still asks me to snuggle with him on the couch.  He will ask you the same thing 600 times in a row if he doesn't like your answer.  He is absolutely fearless...actually the only thing that can scare him is if his big brother is mad at him.  I know God has big plans for him, and I pray all the time that Joey and I can raise him to honor God with his gifts.
I am so thankful for this precious, rambunctious, wild and funny boy.

Some things about Major at 3 years old:

He loves: Playing "bad guys," motorcycles, "shoot guns," Captain America and superheroes, PJ Masks and pretending to turn into Cat Boy.

He hates: Waiting for whatever it is he is wanting, when things don't work, mayonnaise

Mainly wearing 4t clothes, but still too skinny for 4t pants.
30 lbs
Sleeps 8ish-7:30ish
Sleeps through just about anything.
Will sometimes wake up and get in our bed, or make us find his paci.
Naps around 2pm, if we're lucky ;)
If no nap, he turns into the biggest grump by 4pm!
Turned forward facing in his car seat for his 3rd birthday.
Still very attached to his paci. (He didn't care a thing about it until Breaker was born.)
He's very close to potty trained, I just need to commit and work on it with him.  I hate potty training so I've been putting it off.

Major really is just very easy going.  He has fun doing anything and I've said before that it makes me remember whats important in life.

He is so athletic and picks up any new skill so quickly. I can't wait to get him into a sport! 

He creates these funny phrases and his brother, friends and cousins catch onto so that these phrases are now "a thing." For example: "Hey Poopy Butt, come and get me!" and "Lets do it!"

He cracks me and Joey up, because he is just like us when it comes to technology.  If something doesn't work, I have no desire to figure out why, I just want it to work again.  Major get so crazy angry if the ipad doesn't work.  It can be something as simple as the low battery icon popping up, and he refuses to learn to just press "OK." He will scream and cry until you fix it.

He will eat anything, but he will especially want it, if its someone else's meal. He really loves yogurt, because my dad eats yogurt all the time and he noticed.

This probably won't make sense, but did you see Bruno Mars on carpool karaoke? When we watched that, Joey said, "thats Maj."  He just has an effortless coolness about him and he loves to have fun.

One of my favorite things about Major is how independent he is.  He doesn't rely on any of us to do what he wants to do.  If he wakes up before us, I've found him in the kitchen before eating breakfast.  When we lived in Utah, he used to come in alone to have a snack, watch a show or play something else, then go back outside when he was ready to join the other kids.  When we were at Joey's dad's house for Christmas, he sat down alone to eat this strawberry cake, got up to find Natalie, asked her for seconds and then sat down alone and finished it off, then got right back up to play.  He just does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it.  I love that about him.

I hope he is always confident, always go with the flow, always having fun.  I pray his special personality is used in big ways.

Happy birthday, Major William!!

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