Our word for 2017

Every year we pick a "word" for our year.  A word that reflects how we want the year to go, what we want to put our energy into.
Past years we have had the words:

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After everything we've been going through and what our life has looked like for the past nearly two years, this year's word was a no-brainer:


Honestly, I was so ready for 2016 to be over. It was a good year in a lot of ways, and it grew us in a lot of ways. But it just took a sharp nose dive in September and I'm just ready to feel like myself. For life to feel normal.  I know we will look back and see ourselves in a fog. I'm just so ready to be on the other side of it. 

I was thinking about this verse. Rest seems so elusive to me. Like, I haven't slept through the night consistently in years. Baby, baby, baby. But rest for me does not mean sleep. I recharge from quiet and alone time with myself, I need space to think, time to decompress, I feel alive when I'm creating but I can't get to a head space to do that without first a moment to be still. 

But these are the God of the UNIVERSE, his own words. And he said, ALL who are weary. He will give rest to ALL who come to him. Not those who rest would be convenient for. Rest with three small children does not seem even possible, but I'm putting my energy and my focus for all of 2017 into achieving it. I'm coming to my Heavenly Father and begging and pleading and praying for rest for my soul. 


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