Shepherd's First Day of Preschool!

Last week, on very short notice, Shepherd started preschool! 
I had made my mom make some calls to preschools since I could never seem to find a quiet minute.
On Tuesday, I got a call from one I'd really liked and they had an opening...but they started back after Christmas break the very next day!
It was a little stressful to me, he's never been away from me and I think I was more worried than he was.  But it all worked out and we made it!
Joey went into work late and I got a babysitter for Maj and Breaks so we could both take him to his first day.
Wonder if our second and third born will get such special treatment?? ;)

When we took him to his class, I had to fight back tears and resist the urge to turn around and run with him.  I swear just yesterday he was a little tiny baby and I would go back to those days in a HEARTBEAT.
BUT. This gives me some time with my other babies and I feel like I can conquer the world with only two kids! We will run ALL of the errands!

Some pictures from my sweet angel's first day of school:



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