After traveling with three kids, multiple times across the country, I have racked up a few tips on how to make the traveling as smooth as possible.

First, you need to decide when to travel.  This could go either way, but for us its always worked out best to travel at bedtime.  Our kids have been pretty good about sleeping through most of the driving/flying, when we time it this way.

When flying, we traveled with two backpacks and checked all other luggage.  Its worth it to not have to carry luggage and keep up with kids!
In one backpack, we keep all necessities.  Things like:
-Diapers and wipes
-Changes of clothes
-Hand sanitizer

In the second backpack, we keep everything we bring to keep them entertained. Its a good idea to get some new things they've never seen before and some tried and true favorites. You don't have to spend a lot of money on new items...the dollar store has lots of little toys and books that would work!

Some other ideas:
-Plain notebook and stickers
-Dry erase board and dry erase marker(s)
-Etch a sketch
(I prefer those over crayons or markers, because you're not going to be searching the floor for lost items!)

Snacks can go in this bag too! Stock up on stuff that takes a long time to eat.
-Trail mix
(I mix raisins, Cheerios, pretzels, cashews and M&Ms)

Save it for last, but do not be afraid to give kids an ipad or your phone! Now is not the time to be super parent! You're trying to survive a flight or long car ride ;)  We always download movies or shows that don't require wifi.  Don't forget the charger!

When we go on vacation, I can't remember the last time we stayed in a hotel.  With kids, you can't waste the space needed to pack all of the essentials.  Staying in a condo or vacation home, that already has all of the everyday stuff a family needs is the way to go.  Its also just a lot more relaxing and spacious.  The number one thing I look for when booking a place to stay is somewhere that is clean and comfortable, and up to date.

I decided to see what's available in Indian Shores, Florida. Thats where we honeymooned, and maybe one day we'll go back!  I looked up rentals on the site  This site allows you to search and compare prices on destinations all over the world! You can see more rental options in Florida here

I really liked this one, because it looked like it had the exact same layout as the condo we stayed in on our honeymoon!

If you're looking for a vacation spot, we really liked Indian Shores! Here we are on our honeymoon:
Ahhh to be young and well rested and skinny ;)

This post was inspired by the site They approached me about sharing some travel tips, so I hope I've given you some good pointers!


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