10 Months with Breaker

How cute is that face!! ^^^
All four of us tell him how cute he is all day long.  Even Shep and Maj are always saying, "Breaker is the cutest baby ever!" and Shep loves to say, "Give me that baby, he's so cute!" Shep "carries" him around like he owns him.  See below picture to know what I mean!

This face!! Hahaha

Breaker is pulling up on furniture to stand up.  Still not cruising around, though.  All of the windows in our house are tall and skinny and he loves to pull himself up to look outside.  The windows are on cranks and one day Shep opened one without me realizing.  I literally almost had a heart attack when I walked in our dining room and Breaker was hanging half way out the window.  *I obviously have everything under control in this house.*

Shep really has a special relationship with Breaker.  He puts in the time...does that make sense?  He plays with him, helps me with him, always gives him attention.  Its precious.

Loves helping with dishes.
*VOMITING* at our cabinets.

This month Breaker celebrated his first Christmas!
Confession: I was a horrible mother at documenting his first Christmas.  And if I'm being honest...I don't think I saw him open one gift other than the one in the below picture.
#somanykids #thirdchildproblems

Christmas Eve with the three cutest brothers!

I like this picture, because it captures exactly how much Breaker is OBSESSED with the bathtub.  He is a crazy man in there.  Doesn't even care that his brothers are splashing and think its funny to dump water on him.  He eats it up.

Happy 10 months to our Breaker Bug.

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