Answered prayers

  Last Friday, we had to take Major to a pediatric cardiologist.  He has always had a heart murmur...his pediatrician first noticed at his 1 year check up, but they can be hard to notice so I wonder if he had it at birth.  She always said it was an innocent murmur, and even had a second opinion that confirmed that.  Well, at his 3 year check up she thought it sounded different than it had in the past, so she wanted us to see a specialist.  We both did a really good job of not worrying and driving ourselves crazy, waiting 2 weeks for his appointment.  I cried one night, letting myself go down the rabbit hole of worrying about my baby, but other than that, we just prayed every day.  I try not to worry and drive myself crazy about things that haven't happened yet.

My specific prayer was this:
For the doctor to immediately recognize what she was hearing
For her to be 100% confident that it was innocent
For Major to still be able to play sports

I prayed for those three days, every day.  I didn't want to have to wait for more testing, waiting drives me insane.  And Major is so naturally athletic, that the thought to him not being able to be in sports when he gets older broke my heart.

Literally, first thing the doctor said after she introduced herself was, "I'll be able to tell you right away what I'm hearing."  I started tearing up, right that second, because I just knew, God hears me and He is in this room right now.  But I held it together and she continued listening to Major's heart, moving him to different positions.  After she was finished, she looked at us and said, "This is a completely innocent murmur, he is 100% ok."  He has a "Still's" murmur, which is apparently very common.  To reassure us she told us that earlier that week she had cleared a man for military service, who also had a Stills murmur.  Then without me even bringing it up, she on her own told us that Major is fine to play sports.  Thats when I really just started crying and couldn't hold it in anymore.  Every single thing I specifically prayed for, God answered.  Bam, bam, bam.  Then to just make me more thankful, the doctor got up to get me tissues and said she rarely gets to see happy tears.  HOW SAD.
So thankful that our boy is ok.  Good health is something I will never, ever take for granted.

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