Bachelor Chat!

I just need to get this off my chest. I am so sick of ABC!
I'm talking to you, Chris Harrison!

I am fine with cliff hangers, but when they force spoilers on us by letting us know Rachel goes home, go ahead and give us a rose ceremony!

And unless Andi is coming back to say she made a mistake and she wants to be with Nick, its just annoying and fake feeling.

I was so excited about Nick's season because I always liked him, even on Andi's season. But this has just felt so produced and ABC has ruined so much with spoilers and I'm just annoyed.

I felt like on Andi and Kaitlyn's seasons, we saw more of Nick than we are on his own season.  Like we knew him better? None of his relationships feel developed, we haven't seen them talk about anything real or deep.

*I realize I'm talking about a reality tv show with a low success rate, but I refuse to feel embarrassed about this blog post ;)


I would think Corrinne would go home, because while I'm sure being Instagram famous (#jealous) is lucrative right now, I don't think it's a big turn on to have the girl your dating assume being the breadwinner.
However, I think he will keep her around for fantasy suites.

I really like Raven, and I realized I think I have her voice. #i'mahick
Her hometown was fun, her family was sweet.  No complaints here.


Vanessa's hometown date was the biggest snoozefest I've ever seen.

I feel like its obvious that Rachel is his best match, so I do want to see why he sends her home.  Although with how produced this season feels, I wouldn't be surprised if ABC was like "hey nows our chance to have our first black woman as the bachelorette, lets offer it to her so she'll turn down Nick."

WHEW I feel better sharing my feelings and I have no shame for how much I love this show ;)


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