I got so excited earlier this week when I spent all day Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday, then realized it was in fact Wednesday.  #workingfortheweekend

My mom and grandma are coming here tonight, so we are excited to see them!

Some pictures from the past week!

Last Saturday we went to Joey's work party.  It was actually really fun! We love some good dance music.

Sunday I took Shep to run errands with me and we were on the hunt for Thomas Valentines.  

I picked up dinner at O'Charley's and he thought he was so big sitting up at the bar.

This week Shepherd was the "Star Student" at school, so he got to decorate a poster to bring in and show the class.
Some highlights:
Favorite place: Walmart
When I grow up I want to be: Train driver

Major has been carrying around this shark all week that he got from Aunt Caity and Uncle Josh.  Appropriately named, Sharky ;)
Notice his bling he also insisted on wearing the preschool pickup.

Got into my makeup while I was on the phone with Tress.  (#bachelordiscussion)

Tried so hard to get a cute picture of Breaker for his first Valentine's Day.  For people who think he never cries, here you go:

However, after about 50 failed pictures of Breaker, Major came in and said "take my picture" and completely posed himself! I was cracking up.  I did adjust his legs because modesty.
I can see him printing these out in high school and giving them out to friends as Valentines.  

Daddy got home so we finally got a smile out of this one.

Minus the paci, doesn't he look so big here? Like a teenager. :(

Major's face when he realized I caught him sneaking an entire bag of Skittles.

Since Shep was the Star Student, I got to come to class and read a book of his choosing.  He decided to bring Trains. #pageturner #nonfiction
I summarized and skipped a few pages to keep things interesting and the first thing he said when we got in the car after school was, "Mom, you missed a few pages."
Nothing gets by him.

I love how he's been asking me to take him picture lately. #momsdreamcometrue

While Shep was in school, I took Maj and Breaks to Chick fil A.

Thought I was going to get a moment of peace while they played. No.  Breaker was not content to play on the ground, he wants to CLIMB.  I chased him up that slide over and over and over.


Shepherd is literally so sweet with him. He has been his #1 fan from the day he was born.  I walked around the corner to see them sitting like this and Shep giving him little tastes of his sucker.

Then Major came around the other corner and pelted them with a soccer ball.  #somuchforthat

Nursing :)

This would have been a nice way to act for his Valentine's Day picture.
Look at that sweet face covered in spit up! ;)

I love when they play together nicely.  Shep made up a classic older sibling game.  The rules were that Major had to go "shopping" upstairs (because Shep doesn't like to go upstairs without me) and bring him back down trains, which he was then not allowed to touch. 

Another sweet Shep and Breaker moment :)

I can just see them when they are teenagers, sitting at the island talking to me while I make them lunch.  Also, we are planning on remodeling our kitchen as soon as we find the time and I CANNOT WAIT. We bought that new fridge and then can't even use it because the water isn't hooked up on that side of the room and the electricity is weird and the outlet is connected to the light switch so if you turn of the lights, the fridge goes off too. OOOOOhh I can't wait to have the kitchen like I want it.

Kind of hard to tell, but the biggest goose egg I've ever seen on Major's head.  Ran full speed right into the corner of Breaker's crib.  Also, he's crying in that picture because I made him stop playing, not from the pain.  Otherwise we probably would have gone to the doctor.

Well, thats a bunch of random pictures from our week.  Have a good weekend!

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