This week has been the best week, all because of SUNSHINE!!
We've been outside, everyday. The windows are open, the sun is shining, fresh air makes my children act right...its glorious...and its February, so that makes it even better.  This did not happen last year, in Utah.  Literally, this time last year, I was so pregnant and so miserable! I was giving myself pep talks to get through the MINUTE.
THANK YOU Jesus for this week!

On Monday, my sister in law was off work so we met up with her and my brother in law for an afternoon at the park. I don't usually take all three of them to the park on my own, but with Jen and Jeremy on aunt and uncle duty, we could handle it!

Have you ever seen a happier baby?
And look at his little amber teething necklace poking out.  I love it. Matches his brothers.

My best friend met us, too.  Max and Major were busy building a fire.

He insists on dressing himself, and its just so sweet.  

Jeremy helping out with the campfire. 

I don't know where Mills is for any of these pictures???

Major said, "Take a picture of us, Mom!" UM, you don't have to tell me twice. :)

Brotherly love! 

This sums up his personality perfectly ;)

While Shep was in school on Wednesday, we met Lindsay and her kids at Chick fil A.
Breaker and Isaiah, just a little over a month apart.

Please look at Major.

And I didn't even force this!

OK, to round out today I have three random things to share.

First, last weekend my mom and grandma were in town and it just so happened that some old home movies I had taken from my moms and sent off to turn into dvds, got back that day.  It was little 8mm tapes, so no one had literally ever watched them.  We had no idea what was on them.  You guys, I have never laughed so hard in my life.  One of them, the ENTIRE VIDEO was back and forth between my sister and I recording ourselves, when we were teenagers.   And y'all the only thing I did was sing.  And occasionally shit talk my sister.  OMG it was hilarious.  Then at one point, my sister snuck in my room and recorded how messy it was.  The back and forth between my sister and I talking bad about each other was so funny.  I called her and we were dying. I have zero recollection. Can we all say and AMEN that social media did not exist in our teenage years?

A little update on our dining room. I am honestly just overwhelmed with all of the house stuff.  There is so much we want to do, and no time to do it.  We are still not done painting :(
But here is our dining room, that is actually making progress! I've got plans for a wooden, beaded chandelier, some artwork and a few other things.

Finally, this is just random, and if you follow me on Snap, you already saw it. But isn't this funny? I accidentally made a pancake that looked like Donald Trump.

Happy weekend!

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