Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
The boys are eating chocolate for breakfast and Joey and I have plans to make our traditional salmon and chocolate covered strawberries for dinner.  Very exciting stuff!

I helped Shep with these little Valentine's cards the other day. Sweet boy!

Shep had his first ever Valentine's Party at school.  They had an ice cream social and decorated little "mailbox" bags and we spent the night before addressing cards.  I will tell you right now, after some deliberation in my mind, I decided to go ahead and set the bar low for Valentine's.  I know some moms go all out with the cuteness, and I appreciate it.  Shep got some super cute valentines with cutesy little sayings and candy that matched. I am not that mom, and I am going to go ahead and accept it now, while he's in preschool, rather than try to be something I'm not until I'm burned out ;)

8 years ago on this night, we got engaged.

This very random little questionnaire has been floating around Facebook, and Joey and I did it together the other night:

Who's older: Joey
Same high school: No, but same college.
Most sensitive: Probably me, but I don't think either of us are that sensitive. At least not if the question is meaning who's sensitive to getting their feelings hurt.
Worst temper: Me (Joey has 0 temper)
More social: Joey
Most stubborn: Me
Wakes up first: Him for work (However I would like to point out that I wake up all night long with a baby!)
Bigger family: Joey
Flowers often: No, but if the question was plants the answer is Joey literally comes home with a new plant at least once a week. We have about 30 house plants right now.
Eats the most: Joey
Craziest ex: Neither
Cries more: Um...probably even.
Hogs the bed: Me
Said I love you first: Joey
Better cook: Joey (Sad but true)
More messy: Even
Better singer: Joey
Better driver: Joey (I drive like a grandma and have no desire to change that)


OK, lets wrap this up with some Bachelor thoughts.

If you haven't seen Monday night's episode or heard that they announced the new Bachelorette, back away now!
So, Monday nights episode.  This girl has driven me crazy the entire season.

For one reason.  Is she asleep?? One of my number one pet peeves in my life is people who talk like they are asleep.  My mom and sister do this sometimes on the phone and I will immediately hang up with them and tell them to call me back when they aren't asleep.  (They aren't asleep, they just act like it, and it DRIVES ME CRAZY.) Danielle did this the entire season.  
Just a random pet peeve.  I'm sure she's a very nice girl.

Nice girl or not, I have a feeling she does not have a firm grip on reality.
For one thing, if you remember her story, her fiance died from a drug overdose, yet she didn't know he had a drug problem.  Excuse me? Your fiance is on heroin and you don't know it until it is so bad that he dies??? What? I literally know every single thing Joey does in life, you better believe if he's shooting up heroin, I'm going to know it.  
So then, after Nick sends her home last night, she's crying like, "I'm just waiting for him to walk back in that door and say he's made a huge mistake." Excuse me? HONEY. No.  You've heard other girls talk about their relationship with him, surely you can't think you're on that level??  

So we are down to our final four.

I'm kind of excited we get to meet Corrinne's nanny.  I'm kind of annoyed with this season because I HATE spoilers.  I will avoid them at all costs.  But it seems kind of obvious who he picks this year?  Random things I've seen like Corrinne being on Ellen and the fact that they just announced the next Bachelorette...seems pretty obvious. Why couldn't they wait until next week to announce the next Bachelorette?

I thought she had a good chance at winning, I would have liked another week not knowing what was going to happen!  Also, if they are going to announce the next Bachelorette, I would like some build up.  We just happened to see a commercial that Jimmy Kimmel was announcing it, or we wouldn't have known.  I would like a head's up so I can have some excited anticipation!

If you don't watch the Bachelor, you probably think I have too many thoughts on a reality show.  But based on the number of people I have ongoing "Bachelor" chats with, I know I am not alone ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Yes!! Danielle is so sweet but she always seems to be off somewhere else in her mind and talks so slow like she is half asleep! I don't understand the random announcements and appearances this season either. Rachel seems sweet but I didn't love her this season, although I really didn't love any of his girls! Vanessa and Raven are both okay but is it just me or does his whole process seem the least genuine yet? I just find it hard to believe he's going from crying in front of 6 saying he doesn't think he's going to find someone to hometowns and then a proposal in the matter of a few dates. I'm just not buying it.

    1. I thought the same thing, with him crying about not finding love with only 6 girls left. I wasn't super impressed with his options this whole season. I love him though, I feel like they haven't shown enough of him this season, if that makes sense? Like in Andi and Kaitlyn's seasons I feel like we saw so much of him and hearing his thoughts, I just don't know what he's thinking this season.