Its Friday!

Some pictures from our past week:

We met Shelbi and Reece at Monkey Joe's!

Then we all had lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Running around waiting on Shep to get out of school.

He loves this shirt because it has pockets :)

No filter on the sunset in our backyard.  I love not living in a neighborhood! #neverwanttoseepeople

Bath time babies are the best!

Have you ever seen anything cuter!? I literally want to bite him.

Love how much they always want to lay on me.  Major loves to snuggle on the couch.

Daddy's idea:

This weekend we are having a date night, working like mad to finish painting, going to see Caity and Josh's new house, probably being boring and watching the Super Bowl at home and...who knows what else.  We are really trying to commit to our word of the year, REST, by not filling our schedule up with plans.  We need to just be home right now, for our sanity and mental health!

Have a good weekend!

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