Its Friday!

Some life lately pictures:

Joey and Major slow dancing in the kitchen to Zac Brown Band's new song, My Old Man.
There is a 100% chance Joey is crying in this picture.

Last Friday, Shepherd's school had a Parent's Night Out, so he and Major got to both go and have a pizza and movie night, while Joey and I took Breaker out to eat and some shopping.  I wish I had a video of Major running towards me when we picked them up, giving me a thumbs up and saying "I had fun, Mom!" And Shep was so excited to give me this necklace he made for me.  They are the sweetest.

Earned their baths!

He is so funny!

A meeting of the minds. Gosh he is precious!!

Breaker is a big fan of ham.

On Monday I was upstairs in the play room with all of the boys, and Major went downstairs. A little bit later Joey came and told me to come look.  Major had gone downstairs and laid down on the couch and went to sleep.  Mr. Independent, he does what he wants, when he wants.
He fell asleep around 5pm and despite us trying to wake him up, he slept straight through until about 11:30.  He woke up in time to watch the end of The Bachelor with me.

Thumbs up, or the middle finger? Jury's still out for him on Nick, however I love Nick! How is The Bachelor so good??

I love Breaker's sleepy little puffy morning eyes.

It had become clear that I am going to have another climber on my hands.  Major about wore the life out of me with his climbing and Breaker is the same way.

UGH could he be sweeter??

Finally, we have so many projects going on and are working so hard to get our house in order.  We are both the type of people who cannot relax unless our house is good.  And it has been the longest process.  I've mentioned we are painting pretty much every single room, which requires about 10 layers of primer and paint for just the trim and doors. Our living room and dining rooms are the only rooms that are almost "finished." Still working on getting art and pictures hung on the walls, but I really like how the living room is turning out.

Follow along on Snapchat to see little projects along the way. My Snapchat name is jessicalawhorn1.



  1. Your living room is looking so good! I'v missed all your house-related posts while you guts were in Utah!

    1. Feel so good to be in our own home again!

  2. The living room looks great!! I love the piece you used as your entertainment center...gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! It actually used to be a display case in a men's store about 100 years ago! You can't tell in the picture, but the back side that is facing the wall is all glass.