Our house: Before pictures

 These are pretty boring, but I know I'll be wanting to look back at these one day. I took these on Moving Day while we were waiting on movers to get there with our furniture.

The front door:

View from the front door.  To the left is the dining room.

Dining room with view of front door.  I'm taking this picture from a doorway that leads to kitchen.

Sunken living room:
(Notice door at bottom of stairs)

We think the living room window used to view just a patio, and when they put in the hot tub they made it into a room and closed it in.

My room:
The door at the bottom of the stairs leads to this room.  It is going to be my blogging/crafting/Inside She Shed room and I'm so excited!

We are planning on repainting the cabinets white, new countertops, new tile floor and knocking out the top part of the wall where the fridge is so you can see into the living room and have more of an open concept.

View from door leading into kitchen from living room.  There is a hallway "mud room" with entry into the garage and this is where our laundry is.  We call this the "Mother-in-Law suite." So nice to have the guest room with their own bath on the opposite side of the house so guests have some privacy.

Guest bath:

Guest room:
There are also two large closets to the right.

The den:
We aren't "Formal living room" people, so we weren't sure how to go about having two living areas.  The den looks into the kitchen and the hot tub area and windows to the deck.

Hot tub room:
(Thats a very literal name for this room but I don't know what else to call it??)

OK so down the hallway from the living room leads to our bedrooms.

Master bedroom:

Bathroom on left, walk in closet on right:

Breaker's room:

Shepherd and Major's room:

Boy's bathroom:
(Entry from their bedroom and hallway.)

Now, upstairs.
It will be really nice when the boys are older, if they want to move their bedrooms upstairs and have some privacy, they can.

As soon as you come upstairs, to the right is this room:
(Right now just being used for storage.)
Two doors (one not pictured) with entry into attic.

Then a long, narrow room that we are using as the play room.

Half bath:

And at the end of the room, this room:
(I don't think it can technically be considered a bedroom, because it doesn't have a closet.)
We aren't sure what we'll use this room for.  Right now I have every decorative item we own set up around the walls so we can "shop our home" and see what we want to use downstairs to decorate.

So that's our house!
I will share pictures from the outside later, I don't think I even have any right now.
We currently have approximately 2 rooms (living room and dining room) that are almost "done."
You probably noticed how the downstairs have lots of dark wood trim.  We've been working since November to paint it all white.  It takes about 7 coats of primer and paint to cover it.  So...needless to say, it is a slow moving project.  Especially considering when I saw "we" I mean Joey, and he can only do it when the boys are in bed, for the most part.

I will start sharing "After" photos as soon as we have them!

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