Utah Bucket List

July 17, 2015 - September 1, 2016

We lived in Utah for 59 weeks, and during that time we crossed 37 items off our "Bucket List."
Oh and not to mention I went through an entire pregnancy and had a baby!  Thirty seven bucket list checks feels pretty good when I factor in that.

When we moved to Utah, we had a goal that we wanted to be "doers." We wanted to get out and see new things and explore.  One of the biggest lessons I learned from our time in Utah, is to not wait to "have adventures." While we were there, every day felt like an adventure because it was all so new and exciting.  While living in Kentucky may not feel new...we came back determined to keep the spirit of adventure we had in Utah and find ways to explore our own city and state.  Every weekend in Utah, we looked at our Bucket List and picked somewhere to go.  It didn't matter to us if it was hours away, because we had nothing else to do.  Thats not the case now that we're back home - our weekends are filled with friend and family time.  However, I've already started a "Kentucky Bucket List" and hopefully once our life calms down a little we can get to work on it!

Today I'm going to share every item from our Utah Bucket list, and just click on the link to go to individual blog posts about each place ;)

I am sorry these are not in chronological order. My biggest pet peeve!

Utah Olympic Park 
(where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held)

 Also known as my favorite day of 2016.  Yes, I realize I had a baby this year ;)

Little Cottonwood Canyon
 At 33 weeks pregnant!

 About 2 weeks postpartum...I needed out of the house!


City Creek Center

Temple Square
  We were in the land of the mormons  ;)   And I loved Temple Square.  So pretty!

Antelope Island
One of the first things we did when we got to Utah.  I loved this day!

City and County building

Photo session with Samantha Kelly

Years before we ever even thought of moving to Utah,  I wanted to plan a vacation around getting a photo shoot with Samantha Kelly.  I loved her pictures, so glad we made this happen.

 Another one of my favorite days, ever.

Liberty Park

 We will always treasure the memories we made this day.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bear World

It was also a goal to visit as many states as we could:




I will always love Utah :)

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