Weekend in Asheville!

A few weekends ago, Tara and I went to Asheville, North Carolina.
We've always wanted to go on a trip to celebrate our birthdays.  We were born just 10 days apart. We decided on Asheville because it was South of us, so we wouldn't have to worry about snow.  (They actually did get a ton of snow dumped on them a week before our trip, but it was all melted by the time we got there!)
We brought Breaker with us, because nursing ;)
Luckily, he is the easiest baby ever.  Well, maybe not in the middle of the night, but he did great during the day.  In his defense, he doesn't sleep 8 hours straight anywhere!

Our weekend in pictures:

Will stop for murals!

We checked into our hotel and then headed downtown for dinner.

Dinner with a baby! ;)

The next morning, getting ready to start our day!

We headed to the Biltmore and had lunch while we waited for our tour time.  This was an old stable that had been converted into a restaurant.

The dining hall with three fireplaces in one.

This room was in the middle of the next two bedrooms pictured below.  They said this would have been a more informal room, where the wife and children would meet with their maid in the morning and have breakfast and go over their plans for the day.

Mrs. Vanderbilt's room:
(They said they didn't share a room because back then it took women so long to get dressed and they had their maid help them that it wouldn't have been appropriate to be in the room with the man.)

Mr. Vanderbilt's room:

The library.  Beautiful!

"Secret" entrance to the library, so upstairs guests had easy access.

I want one of these rooms! A whole room for floral arranging.  I loved all of the vases.

I took this picture to send to Joey. He is obsessed with copper.

Breaker in front of the bowling lanes!


We loved the swimming pool! Back then they didn't have the means to keep it sanitary, so they would fill up the entire thing and have to drain it within 2-3 days to avoid bacteria.  Isn't it cool though that it had lights underwater and it was heated.  

The view was beautiful!!

We didn't plan it this way, but our timing worked out perfectly. We went on a Sunday and got there later in the day.  Our tour was one of the last ones, so not crowded at all, leaving us time to meander and not be rushed.  Then when we were finished with the tour, the grounds were all but empty.  

Have you ever seen more of a dream baby!?

We went to dinner on the property after our tour.  Breaker loved the bread they served and sneaking spoons of ice cream!

Can I just say, it is so funny how life changes?  When Shep was a baby, I made my entire family drive to Memphis to keep him for like 2 hours when Joey and I won a tour of Graceland.  Now, I take Breaker by myself and drag him through historic home tours and he's perfect. 


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