11 Months with Breaker

I realized after I made Breaker's "chair picture" this month, that I am starting to slack.  One more month!  I can't believe he is almost one. #soclichetosaythat

Breaker has been teething so hard this month.  He's got his two bottom teeth in, and his top two teeth are taking their sweet time, along with a few others that are making his gums swollen. 

He is going to be a climber, just like Major. #Lordhelpme
This baby loves to climb up on everything.  (Confession: He's fallen down the stairs, twice.)

I would go on about some more, but I've started and stopped this post about 7 times in the past 5 minutes and Shepherd and Major have colored their entire bodies in markers and opened about 15 different snacks and had multiple injuries while I've tried to write.

Some favorite photos from his 11th month:


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