A story about Major

So the other day, Breaker was napping and the boys were playing in the living room. Shep comes to tell me that Major has dumped an entire box of greasy crackers on the couch and floor.  I hurry and get the vacuum because I'm worried about them staining the couch and tell Major to sit down, he is in time out for dumping the box.  I start vacuuming, and when I turn it off I realize Major was no longer sitting there.  Sometimes when he gets in trouble he goes off to pout. I immediately wonder what new mess he's making or trouble he's getting into, and go into the kitchen, assuming he's in there.  He's not and I start calling for him and searching the house.  I search a few rooms and realize the front door is open and the screen door is unlocked.  I immediately run out of the house and start panicking.  I run to the road and don't see him (we live on a busy road, but thankfully a little far back) then I panic and run to the back yard, all the way to the creek in the very back.  It hasn't rained recently, so thankfully the creek wasn't high at all or I probably would have jumped in. I run up and down the creek and don't see him, so I run around the house the other way, screaming his name.  Shep is at the front door, and said he still hasn't found him inside. I search THE ENTIRE HOUSE.  My vision was literally going black and blurry, I felt like I was going to pass out I was so worried.  I wake up Breaker, thinking maybe he'd snuck in his room.  I look under beds, behind chairs, under covers. I go upstairs, twice and search every room.  These kids never go upstairs without me, so I really didn't think he was up there.  This entire time I'm screaming his name. I go back outside to look again.  I call Joey, and I feel so bad that I did, because he's already gotten one hysterical phone call this year when his mom died.  He said his stomach dropped and he immediately thought someone had picked him up in their car.  I go back inside and upstairs again, even though I'd searched twice.  There, completely underneath the train table, covered in toys, I saw Major's little foot sticking out.  He had heard the entire thing and stayed quiet as a mouse.  I picked him up and told Joey I'd found him (I was still on the phone with him).

Major's response: "I was playing hide and seek. You hurt my feelings."

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