Its Friday!

A few pictures from our week!

Lots of helping at the grocery store:

There is nothing cuter than a baby in footed pajamas.

Major sweet talked me into buying twinkies (and princess goldfish and Chicken in a Biscuit crackers) and he charmed the cashier into giving us $2 off the twinkies.

This hat does not come off.  He sleeps with it hanging on his bed, and puts it on as soon as he opens his eyes. #permanenthathair

Went to the park with Aunt Jen!

When you get to the park vs. when your mom makes you leave.

We have become friends with the neighbors and the boys literally count down the minutes until Aubrey gets home from school.  They are obsessed with this girl and luckily she is happy to play with them all afternoon.  
They had a blast being pulled around in the wagon (heavily supervised! ;)

Joey and I were having major flashbacks with Breaker wearing his little hoodie.

Reminded us so much of Shep on this day:

Another sweet neighbor brought me down a bag of lettuce from his garden. We love this area!

We have got a very busy weekend planned. Painting, planting, birthday partying, friend time, family time. So much to do! Sunday Shep is singing at church with his preschool class. We asked him if he would be embarrassed if mommy and daddy sit in the front row and cry.
See you next week! :)

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Spring Family Pictures :: 1

About a month ago we had some spring pictures taken.  I never get professional pictures taken because it stresses me out deciding what everyones wearing and coordinating that, and then trying to get everyone dressed and clean and in a good mood and cooperating.  I made an exception once before because I loved the photographer's photos and editing style.  You can see those photos here.

I had been watching this photographer because I always loved her photos and the way she edited.
When she posted that she was having a day for Spring minis, I signed up! I wanted a mini session because I know my kids aren't lasting more than 20 minutes anyway ;)
We love our pictures! Here are a few of them:

These are just a few, I will post the rest of my favorites soon.
Photos courtesy of Kaylie Plummer Photography, and you can see all of our photos here. I highly recommend her if you're in Kentucky!
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Park Fun

We went back to White Hall last week.  I just love this park! We can't wait to bring back Joey with us and tour the historic home on the property.

One thing I love about this place is that there isn't much other than just nature to keep my boys occupied.  There is a little park area with swings and a play area, but more than that, I love the pond, the trees, the fields, the cows.  I don't believe in entertaining my kids too much. I want them to use whats available to entertain themselves.  They are so good at making up games and exploring on their own.

One thing I will always love about Utah was the mountains. They were breathtaking, every.single.time. They didn't ever get old. But I LOVE rolling hills, green green grass set against blue skies, cattle and horses. You can't have everything, and Kentucky views are nothing to complain about.  THIS was what I was missing even as I was in awe of those mountains.

When they say, "Mom, take our picture!" you better believe I am ready ;)

We had already been there about an hour when my friend Lindsay texted me and said they could be there in 10 minutes.  I wasn't sure how much longer my boys would last, but once Eli got there, they went for 2 more hours!

Being silly!


It would be so nice if after a day like this, I could crawl up and take a nap, too. 

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Weekend Recap

This weekend was a rare one, in that we didn't have anything we had to do. I love weekends like that!
On Saturday, we went to Pemberton's in Lexington.  Joey's own little version of Heaven, and the boys and I loved it too.  So many plants! We picked up a few...or 6.

Saturday night, Joey rented the movie Lion and we got about 15 minutes in before I had to leave the room. Joey LOVES a tear jerker.  I can't watch it. It wrecks me.  Joey will never think about it again, and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Have you seen the movie, Room? That movie literally ruined me.  I think about it weekly and we watched it over a year ago.  I still get sick over it. I don't want a shed in our backyard because of it.

I spent the night painting instead of watching the movie.

Sunday, Joey decided to start painting our master bedroom.  Hopefully it will be done soon. The master always seems to be the last place we put effort into, but I want to go ahead and tackle it and get it the way we want.  I want a very calm, spa like vibe in our bedroom.  Lots of layers of white.

How big does Major look here? And Shep spent the weekend with plastic bags on his gloves and feet and said they were his gloves and shoes. #whateverfloatsyourboat

We took a break from painting to go to dinner at Cracker Barrel, where I bought a dress.  Joey said, "Its fine, you just are a person who shops at Cracker Barrel now." Then we went to Walgreens and he told me to pick out whatever I wanted when we passed some women's clothing. LOL. My goal is to dress like Camille from Parenthood when I'm older. Well...we'll see ;)

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