Easter Weekend 2017

We spent the Easter weekend at my parent's house. 
We went to church on Saturday night, just to make it easier on everybody! The boys didn't want to go to the nursery, so they went to the service with us.  They actually did really well.  Shep was so sweet, practicing writing his name on the bulletin and drawing a cross.

4/5 isn't bad ;) Shep for some reason always wants to chew on something during family pictures...although its usually Breaker's foot.

Most of our family pictures looked like this...

Opening Easter baskets on Easter morning!

We went to my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dennis' house for lunch and an egg hunt.

After lunch, the Easter Bunny paid us a visit! How sweet is Major! He didn't skip a beat. Like "Oh, theres the Easter Bunny!" and ran right over.  Gosh I love him! Notice in the first picture, Shep hiding by the shed in the background. It wasn't until Joey told him it was Gigi that he would come over.

I love that my mom does this! 

Hope everyone had a good Easter!


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