Its Friday!

A few pictures from our week!

Lots of helping at the grocery store:

There is nothing cuter than a baby in footed pajamas.

Major sweet talked me into buying twinkies (and princess goldfish and Chicken in a Biscuit crackers) and he charmed the cashier into giving us $2 off the twinkies.

This hat does not come off.  He sleeps with it hanging on his bed, and puts it on as soon as he opens his eyes. #permanenthathair

Went to the park with Aunt Jen!

When you get to the park vs. when your mom makes you leave.

We have become friends with the neighbors and the boys literally count down the minutes until Aubrey gets home from school.  They are obsessed with this girl and luckily she is happy to play with them all afternoon.  
They had a blast being pulled around in the wagon (heavily supervised! ;)

Joey and I were having major flashbacks with Breaker wearing his little hoodie.

Reminded us so much of Shep on this day:

Another sweet neighbor brought me down a bag of lettuce from his garden. We love this area!

We have got a very busy weekend planned. Painting, planting, birthday partying, friend time, family time. So much to do! Sunday Shep is singing at church with his preschool class. We asked him if he would be embarrassed if mommy and daddy sit in the front row and cry.
See you next week! :)


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