Park Fun

We went back to White Hall last week.  I just love this park! We can't wait to bring back Joey with us and tour the historic home on the property.

One thing I love about this place is that there isn't much other than just nature to keep my boys occupied.  There is a little park area with swings and a play area, but more than that, I love the pond, the trees, the fields, the cows.  I don't believe in entertaining my kids too much. I want them to use whats available to entertain themselves.  They are so good at making up games and exploring on their own.

One thing I will always love about Utah was the mountains. They were breathtaking, every.single.time. They didn't ever get old. But I LOVE rolling hills, green green grass set against blue skies, cattle and horses. You can't have everything, and Kentucky views are nothing to complain about.  THIS was what I was missing even as I was in awe of those mountains.

When they say, "Mom, take our picture!" you better believe I am ready ;)

We had already been there about an hour when my friend Lindsay texted me and said they could be there in 10 minutes.  I wasn't sure how much longer my boys would last, but once Eli got there, they went for 2 more hours!

Being silly!


It would be so nice if after a day like this, I could crawl up and take a nap, too. 


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