Photo Dump

I haven't had time to keep up with my blog, because all I do is chase after these kids!! ;)
I'm typing this right now while the older two think I'm still getting Breaker down for his nap and they aren't allowed to leave my room.
This week is Spring Break week for most of Kentucky.  My mom, grandma and sister are getting here tonight and staying until Wednesday.  We don't have any big plans, just visiting!
Here are some random pictures from the past 2 weeks or so.

Shepherd organized all of his "minis" by color and we made a rainbow train.

On St. Patrick's Day, I opened the door when I saw Joey pull in the driveway and he got out of the car like this! I had no idea he was dressing up.  The boys loved it...a real leprechaun.. 

A few weekends ago we went to Joey's grandparents house to help them move.  Its kind of sad...Joey grew up at his grandparent's and within a few months he's had to say goodbye to both of his childhood homes...his mom's house and his grandparents.
We went on a walk in the woods...notice these pictures were taken while Shep was choking Major, and then Major retaliating!

Major jumping in puddles in our driveway!

Took Major and Breaker to the library for storytime while Shep was at school.  Lets just say Major is not cut out to sit still for very long.  Luckily Tressie was holding Breaker when Major made a beeline for the exit and I had to chase him.  

Later that day..."Mom, take my picture!" UM...sure buddy.

Have you ever seen a more Thomas'd out kid? Thomas hat, jacket, shirt and shoes.

The boys planted some seeds and they've been watching them grow.  

Out to lunch after we had some family pictures taken.

I mean...he is just the cutest, sweetest little thing!!! Suspenders :::::))))

Posing in his UK gear before the Elite 8 game.  We lost :(

Papaw and Natalie came up to watch the game with us.  Playing outside after it was over:

Swinging on the tire swing in the front yard.

Playing outside! Breaker was actually not a fan of Major pulling him around.

Sweet boy! He was singing "You are my sunshine."

Thats all I have for now! Shepherd and Major are both currently sitting on top of me and Shep is begging for me to look up pictures of trains.
Until next time! ;)

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