Spring Family Pictures :: 1

About a month ago we had some spring pictures taken.  I never get professional pictures taken because it stresses me out deciding what everyones wearing and coordinating that, and then trying to get everyone dressed and clean and in a good mood and cooperating.  I made an exception once before because I loved the photographer's photos and editing style.  You can see those photos here.

I had been watching this photographer because I always loved her photos and the way she edited.
When she posted that she was having a day for Spring minis, I signed up! I wanted a mini session because I know my kids aren't lasting more than 20 minutes anyway ;)
We love our pictures! Here are a few of them:

These are just a few, I will post the rest of my favorites soon.
Photos courtesy of Kaylie Plummer Photography, and you can see all of our photos here. I highly recommend her if you're in Kentucky!

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