The struggle is real!! Paci edition

We are having the hardest time breaking Major of the paci.

I will brag on him for a minute.  He has been the easiest child in pretty much every other way.  

He slept so much as a baby I wondered if something was wrong.
He breastfed like a champ from the beginning.

He weaned from breastfeeding on his own, no big deal. Just one day he didn't ask for it, so I didn't offer it and he never thought about it again.

He literally potty trained himself.  I hated potty training Shepherd, so I just never started it with Major and he was completely potty trained on his own by 3.  The most I did was suggest he poop in the potty instead of his diaper, and the first day he didn't want to, so I was like fine, here's a diaper.  The next day I walked back into his bathroom and found him on the potty on his own, pooping. No big deal.

If he wakes up in the middle of the night, all we have to do is put him back in his bed and he goes right back to sleep.  Sometimes we don't even walk him to his room, he will get in bed with us, decide his bed is more comfortable, and go back on his own.

He evens takes medicine without a fuss and is really good at blowing his nose. 

However, the paci, is something he is NOT interested in giving up.  And I can't really just cold turkey get rid of them, because Breaker uses one and Major has no preference, he will take whatever paci he can find.  He actually prefers "baby" pacis.

I've tried suggesting he only use it when he's in bed. I've tried suggesting he just keep it in his pocket.   I've tried bribing him with the offer of new toys. I actually did get him to ride in the car the other day without it. "I don't need it, I'm a big boy," he said. My next thought is some type of sticker chart. 

Like all things, I think it will just work itself out and I'm sure one day he'll just decide on his own he doesn't need it. But you have no idea how much time I spend searching for a paci!! We even have a song we sing when we're looking for one:
Paci, paci, we're going on a hunt
Paci, paci, paci hunt!

Between him and Breaker, I am always looking for a paci for someone! I crawl around the floor in the middle of the night searching for pacis! I even sometimes have "emergency pacis" that I buy and don't open and only break them out if I can't find one and I'm desperate.  How do they disappear? We have bought probably a hundred and right now I can find 5. How?! (But don't you worry, now that I'm on my 3rd go around, I'm not concerned about germs, I just occasionally rinse them off in the sink, so that saves me some time ;)


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