Weekend Recap!

I had a busy Saturday full of girlfriend time, with a little solo Target action in the middle ;)

Saturday morning, I went to a baby shower for my college friend, Britney.  We met in the dorms of K2 and have stayed friends ever since :)

After the shower I had some time to kill before meeting up with another group of girlfriends.  I went to Target and wandered around a bit, then drove to Midway and wandered around some more.  It is the cutest little Main Street.

We were celebrating Amy's birthday, so we started off at a winery.

One girl's uncle owns a limo, so we had a fun ride for the night.  So fun and funny ;)

After the winery, we all went to dinner back in Midway. 

On Sunday, the boys had a birthday party to go to. How fun is this set up?

They had a blast and I got some time with my Berea girlfriends.

Lindsay and I...we've been friends for so long! Can't believe we are celebrating our boys 5th birthdays.

The rest of Sunday included lots of outside time.  Joey is in heaven having a yard to take care of again.

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